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Foreclosures do not occur suddenly; there are warning signs before lenders initiate the final procedures. Avoiding your financial problems and ignoring them will only worsen the situation. It is always better to confront your problems head-on and make informed decisions by exploring all available options. The first notification is the signal to take action; otherwise, the consequences of inaction can be severe.

By failing to act, you not only risk being evicted from your property with short notice, which can be incredibly stressful, but you also stand to lose any equity you have in the home. Unfortunately, you may still be liable for any remaining mortgage debt. Furthermore, the negative impact of foreclosure extends beyond your credit history and can harm your employment prospects. It can also limit your future housing options, making you ineligible for a Fannie Mae mortgage for at least seven years.

Read on to discover six effective strategies for stopping foreclosure in Missouri:

  1. Negotiate - Engaging in negotiations with your lender before foreclosure proceedings begin is a viable way to halt foreclosure in Missouri, provided there is sufficient time. Lenders may be more open to negotiation than you might expect. Since foreclosure processes can take years to finalize (an average of 830 days), lenders have some flexibility in granting borrowers leniency to reorganize their finances and overcome temporary setbacks. Additionally, there are assistance programs available that you may qualify for during times of financial hardship.
  2. Short Sale - If you have defaulted on your mortgage loan, a short sale can be a viable option to prevent foreclosure in Missouri. With the lender's approval, the property is sold at its current market value, even if that amount falls well below the outstanding mortgage balance. However, it's important to note that a short sale will impact your credit score, and you may face challenges in obtaining another mortgage immediately. Consult with a tax professional, as certain second mortgages unrelated to home improvement may be considered taxable income.
  3. Bankruptcy - Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may offer a solution to stop foreclosure in Missouri. If you have overcome the circumstances that led to a disruption in your income stream and can afford to arrange Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be able to restructure your debt. This involves making regular mortgage payments along with payments on the arrearage for a period of up to five years. Alternatively, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide temporary relief by suspending payments while you catch up.
  4. Deed in Lieu - In some cases, signing the mortgage back over to the lender and walking away, known as a deed in lieu, can stop foreclosure in Missouri by satisfying the loan. However, it's important to be aware that junior liens, such as equity loans tied to the property, may hinder this option. Foreclosure may be more favorable for the lender, as it eliminates those existing debts. To pursue this route, you must reach out to the lender in writing, stating your voluntary offer to engage in a deed in lieu.
  5. Personal Loan – Explore the possibility of securing a personal loan from a friend or family member to bring the loan current and pay all fees that may have accumulated. You may establish a payment plan to pay the personal loan off over time or you may simply buy time to sell the home on the open market or to an investor for a quicker sale. St Louis Family Resources can help in either scenario.
  6. Sell to St Louis Family Resources - Selling your home directly to St Louis Family Resources could be the most effective way to prevent foreclosure in Missouri. Taking swift action is crucial to avoid the long-term penalties associated with foreclosure, and St Louis Family Resources is ready to assist you immediately. We offer a guaranteed closing date, often within a few weeks or less. If you need more time to transition, we can arrange a leaseback with fair terms. Selling directly to St Louis Family Resources is a quick and hassle-free process. You avoid paying high real estate commissions, listing and marketing expenses, and the need for repairs.

At St Louis Family Resources, our goal is to ensure you feel satisfied with the deal even after the closing. Why not see how much St Louis Family Resources will pay for your house right now, as-is for cash? Contact us today at 314.300.0205.



If you're struggling with mortgage payments, we have a solution. We will buy your house for cash, helping you avoid foreclosure and the negative impact it can have on your credit. Here's why selling to us is the stress-free and quick option you need:

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