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Role and Responsibility of a Probate Attorney

By | September 12, 2022

When someone passes away, their estate must be handled according to their will or the laws of intestacy in their state. This is where a probate attorney comes in. They are responsible for ensuring that the deceased’s property is distributed according to their wishes, and that all taxes and debts are paid. In this blog…

10 Steps of the Probate Process

By | September 12, 2022

The probate process is the legal procedure that is followed in order to settle the estate of a deceased person. The process can be complex, and it is often advisable to seek legal counsel. The 10 steps in the probate process typically include: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6…

Probate Costs in the State of Missouri

By | September 12, 2022

Probate involves four categories of fees and costs. The first fee is the bond premium. The probate estate may have to pay for a guarantee that the personal representative (executor) will properly administer the estate.┬áThis requirement can be waived, but if not it is one of the costs of probate in Missouri. Second, we need…

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