Placement Agent

What is a Placement Agent?

A senior placement firm helps older persons find new housing by addressing their particular demands. When you or an elderly loved one need a senior living option, it might be difficult and time-consuming to locate the ideal home. A lot of the time, these tough decisions are made in the midst of a health emergency or crisis point in an elderly person's life. However, families will also reach out to agencies ahead of time to begin searching for a new home for their aging parent before any sort of emergency arises. Conducting a search is rarely an easy feat, and it's often made more difficult without help from an experienced placement agency.

The firm generally works with the family of seniors or directly with elderly individuals to choose the ideal house based on their interests and any medical requirements. In addition, the agency will assist in locating the best alternative based on what the client is able to afford. The decision to move an aging relative out of their home is usually a difficult one for families. The process is often made easier by enlisting the help of a senior placement agency.

Why Work With An Agency

You should always work with a senior placement agency that employs somebody who is certified as a 'Working with Older Adults' professional by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors. A 'Working with Older Adults' certification guarantees that the staff member has completed an education program on elderly affairs and is qualified to advise you professionally.

The CSA certification assures you that the CSAl has the requisite expertise and training on issues affecting older people, as well as maintaining ethical standards.

A good senior placement agency and CSA should provide:

  • To pick the ideal senior living facility, CSA's complete an evaluation of an older adult's specific care level-of-care needs, lifestyle, and interests. Independent living, assisted living, and memory care are all considered here.
  • Ensure you have a current list of facilities licensed and regulated by your state's department of social services. Senior placement organizations can help you make the best decision based on financial constraints and personal care requirements.
  • Knowledge of Facilities. Agencies are very familiar with the local senior care facilities. Furthermore, CSA's have a personal and courteous relationship with the community administration staff. Most significantly, a senior placement agency is aware of the reputation and safety of the communities it works with.
  • Property Tour. A CSA will show you around the facility and answer any questions you have. A CSA can also assist you in making the greatest placement decision possible by addressing any concerns you may have.
  • Assistance with Paperwork. A placement agency can guide you through obtaining the necessary paperwork and physician's report.
  • Community Services Associates (CSA) can help negotiate monthly fees.
  • Insurance for Long-Term Care. An insurer may be contacted on behalf of the senior to assist in determining and clarifying long-term care insurance benefits.
  • Circle Back. The agency will touch base with the family from time to time to check that the new home is suiting the senior's needs.
  • Cost of Service. Only work with a senior placement firm that provides these services for free.
  • Agencies can also help you with: in-home care; moving companies; elder law attorneys; estate planners; veteran’s assistance; and skilled nursing homes.

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