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Senior Transition Specialist

Is It Time For Senior Housing or In Home Care?

It’s a difficult but sensitive decision to make when considering senior care, and one that should be made with the elderly person’s input as well as discussion amongst family members. We can’t give you an answer, but we hope this provides some clarity. Things That Indicate it is Time for Senior Housing The Three Signs…

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Is it Time For Assistance?

What factors dictate when assistance is needed? It’s common to need assistance as we age, but it’s not always clear what kind of help we need. Should you or your loved one get in-home care, or is it time to move to an assisted living community? It’s not always easy to tell when our loved…

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It’s Time To Sell The House?

There are many factors to consider when decision-making for leaving your home to go into a senior living situation. Depending on a few key factors, you’ll need to decide what the best course of action is for you. Is the required care a temporary situation? Is the home still occupied by a spouse or other…

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Protect Your Assets From Nursing Home Costs

How to protect your assets from nursing home costs- a few financial tips and tricks. Knowing how to protect your assets from nursing home costs is crucial if you wish to pass on your hard-earned wealth to your loved ones. Long-term care can consume all your valuable savings if you don’t plan your finances properly…

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In-home Memory Care

Getting the in-home care you need for Alzheimer’s or dementia. As people age, a decline in their cognitive abilities is often evident. Alzheimer’s and dementia are two such conditions associated with aging. Today, several specialized care options are available for these conditions when you wish to help your loved one age at home. In-home memory…

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